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Customer Service Center is ZHEJIANG ZHENHUA LELECTRONICS CO., LTD very important one. The main work is: customer acceptance of integrated business consulting, technical support for customers; accepted, coordination, handling customer complaints and solve customer problems; take the initiative to communicate with clients, contacts, understanding the feelings and needs of customers in a timely manner to customer feedback to Related to the management and production enterprises and properly addressed.

Customer Service Center under the Ministry of customer management and technical services. Customer Management accepted the main customers of integrated services consulting, technology services mainly for customers with pre-sale product, for sale, after-sale technical support and solutions. In order for each customer in the ZHEJIANG ZHENHUA LELECTRONICS CO., LTD will be satisfied with the service and to maintain good relations of trust, we emphasize customer service and effectiveness of targeted and implemented accepted responsibility, that is, the customer Each call, each responsible for the problem, so that the feelings of each other to promote a better understanding. If you have any questions about our products and demand for our services or have any comments and suggestions, please feel free to communicate with us, we will be dedicated, committed to serve you. Your satisfaction is our purpose of the service, the company and its customers the common development of our persistent pursuit.

In the face of the future, Customer Service Center staff will be warm and friendly customer service with the brilliant cast.
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